We are a proudly South African company, with the sole purpose of up skilling our nation, one individual at a time. With the help of thought leaders and keynote speakers, educators and researchers, ReachUpSA will expose you and your team to the knowledge you need to grow and transform. We are passionate about South Africa, and the people living in it. We would like to be instrumental in helping people be more purpose driven and motivated in their working environment.

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Educating & Inspiring a Nation

ReachUpSA is an inspired and talented learning agency, with a passion for educating and inspiring the people of South Africa. Our aim is to equip companies with cutting edge teaching that will transform the way that organisations perform, and individuals lead, in our colourful country, South Africa.

What We Do

Our aim is to run interventions that result in longer term learning and behavioural change in the workplace. We don’t believe that learning is a once off event. We believe that learning comes through various touch points of exposure to information. These include classroom style teaching, TED talk style sessions (with thought leaders), coaching and online support. We want your teams, your leaders and your support staff to have a sense of purpose, to contribute to your organisation and, above all, to feel as though they are being trained and developed through working for your organisation.

How we do it

We work with your organization & people in various ways. For example, we interact with you as individuals, as teams or as a network.  We can also use any or all learning styles listed below to create a bespoke learning program for your organization.

  • Keynote presentations
  • Workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Coaching
  • Online learning
  • MC’s
  • Entertainment

1% for the children

At ReachUP SA we are really passionate about education. We believe that when children and adults have the opportunity to learn – anything is achievable. As a result, we empower our country as a whole, and contribute to our economy. ReachUp SA have decided to give 1% of our annual profit, to support the Lesedi Outreach program. Lesedi Outreach is a weekend school for underprivileged children, who use the facilities at Heron Bridge school.

Their aim has been to create a holistic model for learning, sensitive to each child’s needs. By incorporating participatory approaches, personalized instruction and a positive atmosphere throughout the school, they hope to create a dynamic environment for the enrichment of participant learning. They inspire their children to be lifelong learners with a sense of responsibility, promoting kindness and compassion amongst the students. We thank you for engaging with ReachUP SA. When you do business with us – you contribute to this cause too.

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