• Miles Kubheka

  • Devi Sankaree Govender

  • Thabi Leoka

  • Gilan Gork

  • Buhle Dlamini

  • Oscar von Memerty

  • Brett St Clair

  • Alex Granger

  • Graeme Codrington

  • Zipho Sikhakhane

  • Raymond de Villiers

  • Saffron Baggallay

  • Grant Heale - Raingroup

  • Angela De Long Champs

  • Justice Malala

  • Ian von Memerty

  • Kim van Kets

  • Helen Nicholson

  • Sameer Rawjee

  • Daniel Silke

  • Peter van Kets

  • Frank Magwegwe

  • Nerushka Bowan

  • Musa Kalenga

Zipho Sikhakhane
Saffron Baggallay
Miles Kubheka Public Speaker Reachup SA
Miles Kubheka
Angela De Long Champs Public Speaker Reachup SA
Angela De Long Champs
Raymond de Villiers Public Speaker Reachup SA
Raymond de Villiers
Roy Clark
RAIN Group – Grant Heale
Dr Garrath Rosslee - Reachup SA
Dr Garrath Rosslee
Graeme Codrington Public Speaker Reachup SA
Graeme Codrington
Thabi Leoka Public Speaker Reachup SA10
Thabi Leoka
Justice Malala Public Speaker Reachup SA
Justice Malala
Kim van Kets Public Speaker Reachup SA
Kim van Kets
Oscar von Memerty Public Speaker Reachup SA
Oscar von Memerty
Helen Nicholson Public Speaker Reachup SA
Helen Nicholson
Sameer Rawjee
Daniel Silke Public Speaker Reachup SA
Daniel Silke
Peter van Ketz Public Speaker Reachup SA
Peter Van Kets
Ian von Memerty Public Speaker Reachup SA
Ian von Memerty
Buhle Dlamini
Brett St Clair
Devi Sankaree Govender
Dr Ajay K Makan
Frank Magwegwe
Gilan Gork
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Nerushka Bowan
Musa Kalenga
Tailormade Group
The Silent Conductor
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Pepe Marais
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Mpho Popps Modikoane
Sibusiso Molimi
Sibusiso Molimi
Niven Postma
Niven Postma
Katlego Maboe
Katlego Maboe
Alison Jacobson
Alison Jacobson
Keitumetsi Tsotetsi
Keitumetsi Tsotetsi
Paul Steenkamp
Paul Steenkamp
Robyn Bartlett
Robyn Bartlett
Ronak Gopaldas
Ronak Gopaldas
Lynn Andries
Lynn Andries
Mqondisi Gumede
Mqondisi Gumede
Mbali Nwoko
Mbali Nwoko
Mapalo Makhu
Stephen McGowan
Stephen McGown
Julia Kerr Henkel
Julia Kerr Henkel
Rusty Labuschagne
Rusty Labuschagne
Zolani Mahola
Zolani Mahola
Zanele Njapa
Zanele Njapha
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Paddy Upton
Karen Dudley
Karen Dudley
Londy Ncobe
Londy Ncobo
Dr Azar Jammime
Dr Azar Jammime
Alison Jacobson

Areas of Expertise

Agile Mindset

Holacracy in Organisations



Alison is a Director of The Field Institute and previously Group Principal Digital Strategist for the Dimension Data Group where she launched their Global Digital Advisory practice.

Alison works with senior leadership to navigate the future of work and strategic change. She is a thought leader on emerging technology, and our responses to it has led to her publishing articles in academic journals and speaking on many digital leadership platforms. With an extensive background in digital consulting and software development, Alison has pioneered various industry-first solutions.

She is coaching executives globally in digital transformation and emerging technology by shifting focus to the application of these principles and the tools necessary to enable new business models and sustainable competitiveness.

Working with the best brains, Alison creates memorable transformation journeys that can be talked about and celebrated, driving new value for businesses, their customers and entire ecosystems.

Alison has led the way to strategic vision by supporting the implementation of large-scale digital and business transformation projects within FMCG, Retail, Pharma, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, IT, Education and Financial Services.

Keitumetsi Tsotetsi

Keitumetsi Tsotetsi

Areas of Expertise

Cyber Security

Risk Assurance

Keynote Speaker

Consultant in Cyber Security. Self Starter. En-Route Success

Keitumetsi holds a BCom IT Management Degree, Post Graduate Diploma in Management specialising in Corporate Governance and is an ISO27001 BSI Certified lead auditor.

She is a cyber security manager and specialises in security risk, strategy, governance and compliance. Her expertise includes cyber maturity assessments and audits, role-based security awareness programmes, ISMS implementation, policy/standard development, programme assurance and privacy.

Keitumetsi is also the special projects lead at Geekulcha and has been with the organisation since 2013. She has been assisting the team with the planning, facilitation and judging of hackathons. In addition to this, she has represented the organisation on many public speaking platforms and has valuable internal knowledge of the organisation to facilitate further growth.

Keitumetsi is passionate about:

1. Creating awareness about the IT industry and cybersecurity
2. Creating opportunities for the youth to get into the industry
3. Bridging the gap between higher education and corporate/ entrepreneurship
4. Attending and speaking at IT-related events and conferences for knowledge sharing and networking with like-minded people

Keitumetsi’ s Career (2014-2019)
• 2014 to 2015 KPMG – IT Consulting Junior Consultant
• 2015 to date PwC – Cyber Security Risk Assurance Manager

Has worked in the following industries:

  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial institutions (Banking and insurance)
  • Mining

Proposed Keynote Topics

  • Be cyber-savvy with your finances
  • Identifying and responding to cyber fraud
  • Your role in securing your data and protecting your digital identity

Paul Steenkamp

Paul Steenkamp

Areas of Expertise

Lean Innovation Programs

Agile Mindset

Scrum Methodology

Rethinking Innovation Culture, Practices and Structure.

Paul helps start up’s as well as complex organisations modernise by instilling a culture at all levels, so people embrace creativity, take risks and are encouraged to experiment!

Over the last decade, running the innovation programmes, as well as sponsoring st up’s, including SnapScan, Edge Banking and feenix.org.

Creative Leadership Collective (CLC) a consortium of executives and senior managers tasked by their CEOs to excite and empower innovation within their organisations. CLC is a learning and support platform for these creative leaders who aim to produce better innovation results for their company, country and continent.

  • Paul also serves on the National Advisory Council on Innovation and is a jury member for the BAI Global Banking Innovation Awards and the African Fintech Awards.

Paul’s Project Achievements

  • FNB Minivations

Created and launched the concept of Minivations within FNB. All employees are now encouraged and recognised for implementing small, ‘Lo No’ budget innovations. Minivations helped quadruple the net monetary contribution of innovation and helped FNB win the Most Innovative Bank in the World.

Role:   Head: FNB Innovators & Employer Branding

Goal:   Todemocratise innovation across all 35 000 employees.

  • Internal Digital Ventures

Empowering employees to drive growth via the formation of numerous internal start-up’s within Standard Bank, including but not limited to Edge and Shyft.

Role: Innovation Capability Build Executive

Goal: To leverage a customer-centric and evidence led approach to drive growth.

  • National Advisory Council on Innovation

I am serving my second term, having first been appointed to serve by South Africa’s top performing Minister, Naledi Pandor.

Role: : NACI Council Member

Goal   To advise Cabinet on the purpose and contribution of innovation, in promoting and


Robyn Bartlett

Robyn Bartlett

Areas of Expertise

Cyber Awareness

Social Media Guru

Computer and Network Security

Listen to an Audio clip of Robyn below:

Download her presentation here.

Robyn Bartlett is a a jack of all trades when it comes to Cyber Security Awareness at Dynamic Recovery Services, (DRS) a cyber resilience company. She is a social media guru and a people person focusing on preventing companies from being the next “hacked” statistic by speaking to various businesses across South Africa.

With four years’ experience in the cybersecurity awareness sector, Robyn has written children’s guides for parents on the various social media platforms and applications.

Keynote Topics

CyberSMART Talk

60-minute security overview, covering up to 3 of the following to staff and clients:

1. Basic of Cyber Security Awareness
2. Phishing
3. Password Policies
4. Social Engineering Overview

The Digital Employee
90-minute Social Media security overview, covering 7 of the following to staff and clients:

1. What is Social Media
2. Social Media and Cyberbullying stats (RSA)
3. Is privacy dead?
4. Understanding the law
5. Phone settings (Apple/ Android)
6. Top 5 app settings – walkthrough
7. Sharing and Selfies
8. Online dating vs reality
9. Digital Addiction
10. Do’s and Don’ts of living a social life
11. How to be safe online

90-minute cyberbullying overview, covering 7 of the following to staff and clients:

1. What is cyberbullying
2. Cyberbullying tactics
3. Selfies
4. Online dating vs reality
5. Phone app and online gaming
6. Examples of what not to do online
7. Digital Addiction
8. Do’s and Don’ts of living a social life
9. Slenderman/Blue Whale/Tinder/Secret App and other games – make parents aware!
10. Safety tip for kids
11. Safety tips for parents
12. How to speak to your digital child

Ronak Gopaldas

Ronak Gopaldas

Areas of Expertise

Political Economist



Keynote Speaker

Ronak Gopaldas is a political economist, “pracademic”, writer and speaker. His work focuses on the intersection of politics, economics and business in Africa. He is a currently a Director at Signal Risk and a Fellow at the Centre for African Management and Markets at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He was previously the Head of Country Risk at Rand Merchant Bank.

A prominent voice in print, radio and television in both the local and international media, Ronak has made frequent appearances on the likes of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and CNBC Africa, and publishes regular opinion and analysis pieces. He has spoken at several the world’s top universities and at leading Africa-focused policy and business conferences as a moderator, panelist and keynote speaker.

In 2019, he was selected as part of a cohort of emerging African leaders for the prestigious Tutu Leadership Fellowship. Ronak is also an alumnus of the Asian Forum on Global Governance as well as the young African Leadership Initiative.

In 2016, he delivered a powerful TEDx talk entitled Embracing Africa: Beyond the Binaries.Ronak has a BCom degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) with Business French as well as a BCom (Hons) in
Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town (UCT). He also holds an MSc in Finance (Economic Policy) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London

Keynote Topics:

  • Reimagining Africa – the five policy puzzles shaping Africa’s future
  • Politics in an era of disruption – understanding the political tsunamis shaping the new world order

Lynn Andries

Lynn Andries

Areas of Expertise

International Executive Coach


Keynote Speaker


Lynn Andriés is an Entrepreneur, Coach, Facilitator and Speaker passionate about shaping a culture of trust, self-efficacy and performance across organisations of all sizes through empowering their leaders. As a result, they forge ahead understanding that trust equals ‘hard currency’, as opposed to being considered a ‘soft skill’.

She is an internationally accredited Coach (ICF), with twelve years of experience across SMME’S and Corporates.

Lynn was one of the first eight students globally, to have achieved the MSc. degree in Professional Development of the Neuroscience of Leadership, completed at Middlesex University (UK) in 2014 and is a completing her doctoral studies at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

Recognized as a courageous and resilient role model, Lynn inspires corporate delegates with compelling and transformational messages grounded in science. This is further enhanced by her moving life story which resonates across diverse audiences. Over 27 successful years, she has built a reputation for improving corporate performance though empowering leaders and teams, building trust and optimising revenue. Lynn ensures that the brief is met, and the message sticks!

Keynote and Training Topics

• Neuro Leadership
• Building a Culture of Trust
• Thrive- Bouncing Forward (A life-inspired brain-based lens on resilience)
• The Currency of Trust
• Pandemic Power-Skills
• Leading Virtual Teams
• Sales: Brain-Savvy Selling 2021

Mqondisi Gumede

Mqondisi Gumede

Areas of Expertise

4th Industrial Revolution

Big Data


Exponential Growth

Mqondisi has spent much of his career as a technology advisor for business and has given a number of perspectives on the relevance of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Big Data and related technology aspects that business is grappling with today.

Much of his work has been in the financial services industries giving him relevant insight to the challenges of the industry and frequently interacts with the industry as evidenced by his Keynote address at the CFO Get Smarter Summit in Johannesburg in February 2019, an event only opened to member CFOs and CHROs of the CFO South Africa, his opening keynote address at the 2018 Finance Indaba and speaking contributions at the same event in 2017.

This paired with insight from solution engineering for some of clients’ toughest challenges have given Mqondisi a broad and deep understanding of the technological challenges particularly as it relates to engaging people, strategically aligning to business goals and objectives in a practical and attainable way the South African business context.

Mqondisi is Founder and CEO of the customer success company, The OMG, a sought after corporate and conference keynote speaker and is a knowledge merchant at IC Knowledge Bureau. The OMG is a company that uses Uncommon Sense to assist customers radically grow their businesses. IC Knowledge Bureau aims to provide the top 1% of thinking to inspire customers to exponential growth. Mqondisi has the aim of providing fit for purpose knowledge necessary to inspire the growth of the South African economy to grow 6 times its annual turnover in all industries in the next 20 years.

He is skilled in the use of a number of highly valuable intangible tools, concepts and frameworks drawn from the humanities and social sciences that allows him to bring a fresh approach to strategy, technology and operations considerations

Mbali Nwoko

Mbali Nwoko

Areas of Expertise

Award winning commercial farmer




Mbali is the CEO of Green Terrace. An agribusiness based in Boksburg, Johannesburg. Farming high value crops namely; baby marrows, green peppers and green beans, supplying to leading retailers, food processing companies and the fresh produce markets across South Africa.

Mbali ‘s Achievements

• In 2018, Mbali was included by Mail & Guardian as Top 100 Women Changing Africa
• Mbali has been featured on several radio interviews and publications such as: True Love Magazine, Drum Magazine, Farmers Weekly and NuFarmer Africa.
• Mbali has been a two-time finalist for the 702 Small Business Awards with Sage One in 2014 and 2017
• Mbali has been a self-funded entrepreneur for the last 6 years.

Keynote Topics

Small Farm, Big Business

• Advantages of intensive small-scale farming
• You don’t need big land (size) to become commercial
• Adopting precision farming methods to become profitable
• Big farms are not necessarily successful farms
• Benefits of managing and operating smaller sized farms
• How smaller farms can produce larger volumes

Data Farms

• The role of technology on farms
• Global trends on farms and how to farm
• How data impacts the way we farm today
• How data can be used to run profitable
• farm businesses
• The use of blockchain for food traceability

You don’t look like a Farmer

• How to challenge business stereotypes
• How to succeed in a male dominated industry
• What it’s like to be a first-generation farmer
• How to lead in unfamiliar environments
• How to lead in your industry
• How to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone

Modern Agriculture

• What it means to be a modern-day farmer
• The importance agriculture plays in the modern world
• The transformation of agriculture over the past decades
• An outlook on the global agricultural landscape
• The relationship between the farmer, chef and consumer
• How farmers can be mainstream
• Educating consumers about food and its origins

Mapalo Makhu

Mapalo Makhu

Areas of Expertise



Personal Finance

You’re not Broke, you’re Pre-Rich!

Mapalo is an award-winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, City Press Columnist and the Founder of Woman & Finance. She holds a BCom Finance Degree, a Post-Grad in Financial Planning and currently studying towards a Post- Grad in Financial Markets.

Mapalo has over 6 years in the financial services industry. Her passion is in helping her clients gain clarity and confidence around their personal finances.

Her work has been featured in notable publications including Destiny Magazine, City Press, and Mail & Guardian to name a few.

From campaigns, speaking, contributing to your event or content for your website, Mapalo’s experience, skill, knowledge and how easily she engages the audience will add to your project.

Mapalo’s Achievements

• Won Woman of the Year in Education 2018 by Woman of Stature
• Awarded Top 40 Women Financial Blogs 2018 alongside international personal finance blogs by Feedspot Today!
• Columnist for City Press
• My Money, My Lifestyle Podcast with Maya Fisher-French

Author of a personal finance book coming out in October, published by Penguin Random House . You’re not Broke, you’re Pre-Rich!

Articles written by Mapalo
Read two of them below or more by visiting her blog.

Stephen McGown

Stephen McGowan

Areas of Expertise

Inspirational Speaker



Stephen McGown, an ordinary guy, was abducted and held hostage by Al Qaeda in Mali for almost 6 years.36 at the time and travelling by motorbike from London to South Africa, he was kidnapped from Timbuktu along with a Dutch and Swedish national.

During the six years ,Stephen lived far from civilisation, kept deep in the Sahara away from the searching eyes of French surveillance planes and drones.He had limited communication with his family in the first six months of his captivity, which ceased altogether once the French Military Forces arrived in Mali.

Living outdoors in harsh conditions, he learnt a variety of skills such as how to protect himself from the elements. But most significantly, he learnt how to stay alive and positive when everything was stacked against him. Uncertain as to whether he would ever be released–or die in the Sahara–Stephen made a decision to come out of this experience a better person.

He chose to hold onto hope and keep a positive attitude despite the tough and seemingly hopeless situation he was in. Stephen was finally released in August 2017 and is now in the process of getting his life back together. Stephen is from Johannesburg where he went to school and attended university. Prior to Stephen’s kidnapping, he and his wife had been living in the UK and had plans to return back to South Africa to start a family and run his family’s farming business.

Keynote Topics

Stephen’s keynote take’s you on a journey through his experience of being captured by Al Qaeda. A grueling story, which taps into the resilience, and hope that Stephen, the Government, and his family endured, to get him home. This is a deeply human story, which is relevant for any organization that would like to tap into themes on
resilience, self leadership, hope, and team work.

Even though Stephens story is far removed from the reality of people lives, the essence of his struggles are not far off from his audience. His story is about resilience, and the overcoming of adversity amidst harsh weather conditions, a different culture, language, and religion.

Julia Kerr Henkel

Julia Kerr Henkel

Areas of Expertise

Dare to Lead : Brene Brown Certified Facilitator

High Performance Team Development

OD and Leadership Workshops

Individual Coaching

Conflict Resolution

Enneagram Workshops

Founded by Julia Kerr Henkel in 2008, Lumminos focuses on partnering with intact teams, human capital professionals, individuals and certified coaches as they develop the courage and skills to transition through organizational, professional and personal change. Julia is an ICF PCC-certified Integral Coach® through USA-based New Ventures West, the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business & Centre for Coaching and a certified Leadership Embodiment Coach through USA’s Leadership Embodiment.

She is also one of Dr Brené Brown’s newly Certified Dare to Lead Facilitators™ based on Brown’s global research into the topics of courage, vulnerability and shame in the workplace – one of only 3 in Africa, 200 in the world.

Julia chooses to work with like-minded organisations and individuals who are sincere about investing in long-term human capital development and supporting their people and/or themselves through the complexities of change and the nuances of culture and team dynamics which define day-to-day business as usual.

Julia is an Organisational Development Program Designer and Facilitator, seasoned Communications and People Change Management consultant and keynote speaker. Julia primarily works with corporate Exco, senior management teams and professional individuals who are often dealing strategic, leadership, relationship, interpersonal communications and life-balance challenges and transitions.

Rusty Labuschagne

Rusty Labuschagne

Areas of Expertise

Motivational Speaker


Author of Beating Chains


“Everyone is faced with challenges, but is it who you are, and the depth of your determination that will get you through life’s darkest moments”

You will be immediately struck by Rusty’s sincerity and humility as he delivers a dramatic account of his transformational experience following such a traumatic experience! In 2003, without a body and against police evidence, Rusty was wrongly convicted of drowning a fish poacher and spent ten harrowing years under horrendous conditions in Zimbabwe’s prisons during Mugabe’s rule.

In the process, Rusty developed not only a lifesaving resilience but also empathy and a keen desire to help his fellow inmates. With his faith in God, positive mental attitude, leadership qualities, and lessons in forgiveness, gratitude and humility, Rusty brings a personal, transformative and authentic message of hope and freedom. Rusty explains how to harness inner strength and let go of what we cannot control.

Beating Chains Victory over Injustice

“I write about being subjected to conditions most people would find unbearable, having to draw on my inner resources and strengths to endure the unimaginable. In the process I not only developed a life-saving resilience but also an empathy and keen desire to help my fellow inmates. My positive mental attitude, leadership qualities, and lessons in forgiveness, gratitude and humility bring a personal, transformative and authentic message of hope and freedom.”

Zolani Mahola

Zolani Mahola

Areas of Expertise

Singer & Songwriter

Inspirational Speaker

Zolani, well-known and respected for bringing South Africa and its people together across social, racial and cultural divides through her work as a musician. Quoted to say, “our individual stories are unique and there is value in examining one’s personal history, and to being curious about those around us … that we help each other move toward our fullest expression as human beings”. Zolani is passionate to share her own personal experience of growing up in a divided South Africa, speaking intimately about the coping mechanisms she
developed as a child and what impact they had on her both positively and negatively grow from a township girl to an international superstar.

Freshlyground was formed in 2002 and has become a household name as one of South Africa’s most acclaimed and successful bands. Capturing the heart of South Africa and claimed global recognition. One of Zolani’s highlights, a collaboration with pop superstar Shakira with whom Freshlyground recorded the official song for the FIFA World Cup 2010, performing at the closing ceremony to a global audience of over a billion people.

After an unbelievable 17 years with the band, we know as ‘The One Who Sings’ to spread her wings and fully commit to her new venture as a solo artist and inspirational speaker.

Interesting Facts about Zolani

Studied Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town where she
met and formed the band Freshlyground
• Sung with legends, such as Stevie Wonder, Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba
• Staged a tribute show for the great Ella Fitzgerald
• Recognised for her portrayal of “Boniswa” the popular character in the
inspirational SABC drama series Tsha Tsha
• Stared in the feature film, Cold Harbour
• A judge on the a’capella show, and a guest judge on Idols

Zanele Njapha

Zanele Njapha

Areas of Expertise

Keynote Speaker



Zanele Njapha is an award-winning international speaker. Skilled in Leadership Training, Business Coaching, Presentation, Public Speaking, and Dynamic Speaking. She focuses on institutional relevance in a rapidly
changing organizational climate.

A strong business development professional working on assisting institutions with strategies to learn, unlearn and relearn for sustained success in the face of disruptive change, Zanele assists organizations to become future-fit: adaptable, resilient, innovative, proactive and confident through helping them crack the unlearning code. She does this by facilitating the understanding that learning, unlearning and relearning must be the crux and heart of an organisation’s DNA if they are serious about being future-fit.

Zanele presents with uncanny wit, humour and engaging insights wrapped in memorable stories. She is a well-seasoned and thought-provoking speaker who engages and captures various audiences

Keynote Topics

• Tomorrow’s World Today
• Cracking the Unlearning Code
• 8 Skills for The Future of Work
• The South African Rollercoaster

Paddy Upton

Paddy Upton Thumbnail

Areas of Expertise

High Performance Coach

Keynote Speaker


Paddy is an acclaimed speaker, Head Coach in international cricket, a university Professor, and mental coach to professional athletes from 10 countries and 11 different sports. His unique and out-the-box approach to leadership, coaching and performance has seen him described as ‘one of the best coaches’ and ‘the most innovative coach’ in the world.

His over 150 keynotes in 40 cities across five continents, include glowing references from Boeing, Dell, General Electric, Google, Microsoft, Unilever and many more, and ‘consistently being rated the highest scoring speaker’ at conferences in the USA, Australia and South Africa. He is described as a ‘delightfully entertaining’, ‘authentic’, ‘inspiring’ story-teller, with an ‘amazing ability to translate his message to be relevant and applicable across industries’.

Some accomplishments include;

Helping lead the Indian Cricket Team to achieve the World’s No. 1 Test ranking for their first time, and then to win the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup for the first time in 27 years.

Helping lead the South African Cricket Team to become the first team ever to simultaneously hold the World No. 1 ranking in all three formats of the international game.

Head Coach in 13 global T20 cricket seasons, for five different teams in three of the worlds’ premier tournaments, the Indian Premier League (IPL), Australian Big Bash League (BBL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL).

In his first season, he led underdogs Rajasthan Royals (IPL) from four years at the bottom of the log, to both the IPL and then Champions League finals, and followed this by leading Sydney Thunder team, after losing 21 out of 22 games prior to his arrival, to become Big Bash League Champions in 2015!

He has been mental coach to professional athletes from 10 countries and 11 different sports, including International cricketers, rugby, soccer and hockey players, Olympians, para-Olympians, World Tour golfers and World Tour surfers.

He has degrees from four different universities, including two masters degrees. In recognition for his innovative leadership and coaching approach, applicable in both sport and business, he was appointed Professor of Practice at Deakin University (Business and Law faculty. Melbourne, Australia)

Karen Dudley

Karen Dudley

Areas of Expertise


Food Writer



Karen Dudley (born 1968) is a South African chef, food writer and restaurateur. She is best known for her restaurant, The Kitchen in Woodstock, Cape Town, which was visited by former First Lady Michelle Obama in June 2011. “If you’re a regular politician’s wife, you go to the Mount Nelson. But if you’re Michelle Obama, you’re looking to make the biggest impact. She understood the power of her endorsement.

We played our regular music. We were making sandwiches for her two girls, and she brought her mom. I think she was saying she was coming to Woodstock, a growing area, to a black woman-owned business. Locals have often stopped me in the street and said: did she really come to us?”

For Karen Dudley, food informs the family dynamic and her home is as multilayered and as delicious a delight as her colourful personality and cooking style. ‘When it comes to food and cooking, I learned from my mother how to make “nice” with what we feed the people we love and care about,’ says Karen Dudley, author, cook and creator of The Kitchen, the much-loved Woodstock dining destination that she opened in Cape Town in 2009. ‘We were the kind of family who would be sitting at the kitchen table in the middle of the night, eating her perfectly thin French crêpes, if repairs after an argument needed to be made.

Delicious food has always been her love language,’ she says. When news broke that The Kitchen would not be reopening in June after lockdown, people were shaken. Dudley has produced beautiful cookbooks, and is active on Instagram and YouTube. She believes her future will involve being an authority on food and recipes

Londy Ncobo

Londy Ncobe

Areas of Expertise

Africa’s first female Dredge Master

Motivational Speaker


A Global Ship Navigator and Africa’s First Female Dredge Master. Londy Ngcobo is passionate about unlocking Africa’s ocean economy. With over 13 years of experience in the Maritime industry, her background includes Maritime Studies, International Merchant shipping experience, Advanced dredging from the Netherlands IHC, An industry shaking role as a former Maritime Compliance Manager for Transnet National Ports Authority, Founder of Global Maritime Youth and Chief Executive of Womaritime Experts, a consulting firm in the shipping industry. All which has led to her well known title “The BLACKMERMAID”

As a mother and wife herself Londy is passionate about women and Youth empowerment. Her experience has equipped her with the ability to focus on providing sustainable tools for women to thrive and her zest for life encourages the youth to think outside the box. Through public speaking which includes a TEDx Talk, Forbes Women Africa, and various media platforms Londy has impacted so many lives by instilling bold and global mentality to those who have had a privilege of seeing her in action. This Blackmermaid sure is making waves on land.

Keynote Topic

  • Navigating Against All Odds. – Realizing the warrior in her.
  • Why Is A Ship Called “SHE” – The power she holds.
  • Getting Ready To Abandon Ship – Give it your best shot.
  • Mayday Mayday – Claiming her power.
  • The Pink Ship – The power of women collaboration.

Dr Azar Jammime

Dr Azar Jammime

Areas of Expertise

Chief Economist at Econometrix

African and International Economy Expert

Economic Forecasting, Analysis and Research

Dr Azar Jammine is Director and Chief Economist of Econometrix (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s leading independent economic research consultancy and forecasting company, established in 1982. He has been in his current position since December 1985 and has established a significant profile in South Africa as an analyst and commentator on domestic and international economic affairs.

Dr Jammine has conducted over 5000 presentations to leading client corporations and other institutions as well as at conferences dealing with the local and international economic environment. In this capacity he has also been invited over the years by several corporations to serve as independent non-executive director. In 2018, Dr Jammine was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at The South African Professional Services Awards Association (sponsored by Sanlam).

Academically, Dr Jammine obtained a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Statistics and a BA (Hons) in Economics at Wits, followed by an M.Sc in Economics from the LSE and a PhD at the London Business School.

Joni Peddie

Joni Peddie

Areas of Expertise

CEO of Resilient People!

Founder of Enneagram Institute SA

Professional Speaker

Team Performance Facilitator

Human Behaviourist, Wellbeing and Resilience expert

Joni, as Behavioural Strategist enables Leaders, their Teams, and team Members to become‘ response-ready resilient’. Joni demystifies resilience by assessing the four (interconnected)dimensions: MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and PURPOSE.

Pandemic-driven turbulent ‘waves’ of change, and uncertainty has ignited immense mental, and emotional ‘strain’. Burnout has increased by about 33% worldwide. People are battling with general fatigue, and therefore have very little energy and agility to ‘ride’ these waves of change. Joni addresses these issues in a pragmatic fashion in her Keynote talks; participative.

Workshops and longer-term facilitator-led Programmes. A single topic can be covered in depth, or a ‘mix of topics’ can be crafted, in order to address the issues within a Client’s business.

Keynote Topics

• How to Resilience Up© in Turbulent Times.
• 5 ways to become ‘response-ready’ resilient, using BOOST ©
• The difference between IQ, EQ and Personality. Which of these shifts the dial?
• Sleep is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Health. Harnessing your sleep.
• 6 Science-backed ways to REBOOT, to reduce your Stress.
• The 5 Key Drivers for high-performing teams, and how ‘TRUST’ fits in ?
• Ways to improve Mental Wellbeing – using ‘Optimism’ as a force multiplier!
• EQ techniques to shift your personal and business leadership styles
• Energy-management is the new Stress-management
• How to #ChoosetoChallenge. International Women’s Day Theme for 2021
• How to Resilience Up © – for Sales People.
• Mindful Nutrition made easy.
• Practical ‘Biohacking’ ideas to give you more energy.

Nikki Bush

Nikki Bush

Areas of Expertise

Keynote Speaker

Best selling author

Human Potencial Specialist

Parenting Expert

Win at Life and Work

Award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, helps individuals and teams to win at life and work. Her passion for connection and relationships, and how to maintain them in a fast-changing world, is at the core of everything she does as a human potential thought leader.

Nikki is admired and respected in business, education and parenting circles for her work in raising human potential through leadership, engagement, resilience, connection and teamwork.

She helps to create mission-ready individuals and organisations for everyday and future disruption.
Nikki is the co-author of four bestselling books: Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond (Penguin Random House, 2019) with Dr Graeme Codrington, Tech-Savvy Parenting (Bookstorm, 2014) with Arthur Goldstuck, Easy Answers to Awkward Questions (Metz Press, 2009) with Ilze Alberts and Future-proof Your Child for the wired generation (Penguin, 2008). She has published a number of ebooks including: Talent Re:Defined with Raymond de Villiers, and Parenting Matters 2.0.

Keynote Topics

• What if ‘What If’ Happens?
• Future Proof your child for the 2020’s and Beyond
• Tech Savvy Parenting
• Reframing Covid 19: How to Win @ Work & Life
• Building Stronger a.Keynote Speaker more connected Teams

Johno Meintjes

Johno Meintjes

Areas of Expertise

Sports Conditioning

Weight Management

Strength Training

Fitness & Nutrition

Marathon Training

Jeff Together!

International sports conditioning specialist and performance coach, Johno is a powerhouse of positivity and endless energy, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

Johno’s passion for fitness began in his school days, when he discovered the power that lay in strapping on a pair of running shoes and putting in the consistent effort to transform himself from an unfit kid into a successful sportsman.

Johno has worked with South Africa’s top national sports teams, helping athletes to rehabilitate, transform and prepare themselves for significant sporting career milestones. It is through Johno’s Fitness Faculty that he has brought his true passion to life: helping everyday people to change themselves for the better, forever.

Juls Meintjes

Juls Meintjes

Areas of Expertise

Sports Conditioning

Weight Management

Strength Training

Fitness & Nutrition

Jeff Together!

Juls is the unofficial “mother” of JEFF, after opening up her own home to the world at the beginning of lock down. A fiercely strong wife to Johno and mother to two little girls, Hunter and Halle, Juls connects with the community in her unique and empathetic way. A qualified kettlebell instructor, makeup artist, & many years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Juls aims to share her passion for fitness, health, and a happy balanced life with everyone she meets

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