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  • Sameer Rawjee

  • Daniel Silke

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  • Nerushka Bowan

  • Musa Kalenga

Zipho Sikhakhane
Saffron Baggallay
Miles Kubheka Public Speaker Reachup SA
Miles Kubheka
Angela De Long Champs Public Speaker Reachup SA
Angela De Long Champs
Raymond de Villiers Public Speaker Reachup SA
Raymond de Villiers
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RAIN Group – Grant Heale
Graeme Codrington Public Speaker Reachup SA
Graeme Codrington
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Thabi Leoka
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Justice Malala
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Kim van Kets
Oscar von Memerty Public Speaker Reachup SA
Oscar von Memerty
Helen Nicholson Public Speaker Reachup SA
Helen Nicholson
Sameer Rawjee
Daniel Silke Public Speaker Reachup SA
Daniel Silke
Peter van Ketz Public Speaker Reachup SA
Peter Van Kets
Ian von Memerty Public Speaker Reachup SA
Ian von Memerty
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Devi Sankaree Govender
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Dr Azar Jammime

Saffron Baggallay

Areas of Expertise

International Narrative Enneagram Facilitator

Somatic Intelligence Facilitator & Coach

Brain-based Coach

Personal Mastery

Saffron is passionate about growing supportive and engaged leadership communities through building authentic trust and fearless vulnerability. This has led to the development of her unique personal mastery based approach to all her programmes & keynotes.

With an Honours degree in Sociology and Philosophy from Trinity College, Dublin, and an MADA degree from WITS, Saffron is often asked to address topics facing most businesses today. These include, but are not limited to her personal mastery programmes, management and talent development, organisational design and change management.

Employing her skills as an experienced facilitator, coach and keynote speaker,Saffron is highly proficient in adapting her approach to match her audience and their specific needs. Her ability as as tory teller, makes Saffron’s interactions with delegates that much more engaging than dealing with dry theory. Her content is both environmentally and industry specific, containing universal truths about human behaviour to captivate her delegates, and empower them to thrive in their roles & in their lives.

Saffron’s focus is on delivering real value, by imparting knowledge and skills to her delegates that have practical applications in both life, and work. “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with it!”is a phrase you will often hear in her workshops.

Her unique blend of methodology, models and coaching while delivering content makes for a leader and team experience like no other. Delegates often contact Saffron, describing her work as life- changing; and not just after the programme, up to years afterwards.

Focus Areas

• Beating Burnout • personal leadership
• Managing Mental Health For Managers
• Self-Esteem For Leaders
• Building Trust In Hybrid Workplaces
• Rebuilding Employee Culture After Covid & Restructures

Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington

Areas of Expertise


Global Trends Expert



Graeme Codrington is an expert on the future of work and the disruptive forces that are shaping it. As an author and researcher, his insights and analysis are sought after by business schools and CEOs around the world, with five degrees, four best selling books and a full-time research team at his company, TomorrowToday, to back it up.

Graeme works as a Board advisor, strategist, and as a keynote presenter and facilitator, using multimedia, a gently rebuking humor and an engaging style to make his insights accessible and inspiring. He works across multiple industries at numerous meetings and events in more than 20 countries every year. He was recently inducted into the Professional Speakers Association “Hall of Fame”.

Keynote Topics

Build the Future Now

  • How to keep and engage your customers – and staff – in a world of digital integration.

The new digital companies that have become household brands in just the last decade have tapped into some core values of the digital age. Learn how every company can – and must – do the same in order to be successful in the future.

Achieve Remarkable Things

  • Get More Productivity, More Innovation, More Meaningfulness and More Competitiveness.

We are living in a New Age of Discovery where exponential advances in technology are fast enabling the impossible to become possible. Successful companies and individuals will be those that are bold enough to think big, challenge conventional thinking, fail fast and implement innovations that do remarkable things.

Tomorrow’s World Today

  • The disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and how we should respond.
  • The mega-forces shaping the world right now, and what we should be doing about them.

This presentation or workshop provides a future-focused leadership toolkit, along with a compelling picture of the near future. It will inspire and inform in equal measure, and leave your team excited about the future while at the same time knowing what each of them can do to help you get there.

Future-Fit Leadership

  • Understanding what it means to be an Adaptive Leader.

Future-Fit Leadership clarifies the changing context for leaders and explores the problem of ‘what to do next’ in order to be an effective and successful ‘future-fit’ leader in tomorrow’s world.

Angela De Long Champs

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Training

Management Training



Angela is committed to empowering others to make every communication opportunity count. She has invested years of experience in social and behavioural psychology and human resources into creating highly entertaining, sought after and valued courses in her field of expertise “executive presence”. In addition her leadership development courses are highly valued and respected. She is an event speaker & trainer both in South Africa where she lives and abroad. She has travelled and worked across the world developing leaders in their leadership and communication skills. Angela is a learning & talent program designer and agile learning architect.

In addition her leadership development courses are highly valued and respected. She is an event speaker & trainer both in South Africa where she lives and abroad. She has travelled and worked across the world developing leaders in their leadership and communication skills. Angela is a learning & talent program designer and agile learning architect.

Keynote Topics

Executive Presence

Challenging leaders to examine their purpose; to own the stage and to proactively engage the hearts and minds of their audience.

Communicating for impact

Physical and virtual skills that can be learnt to radically transform what you say and how you say it.

Keys to personal leadership

Lead yourself before you lead others. You are your own first follower! Learn to follow, learn self- discipline, seek accountability.

’Step Up’ management modules

The following leadership skills & concepts can be used as stand alone modules or grouped into a 3 day leadership program:

  • Feedback: Giving and receiving feedback to enable growth and develop others.
  • Coaching: Coaching skills help leaders to enable and empower others to solve their own 
  • Managing time: Learning strategies to make the most of your brain at work and at home to 
increase your productivity and effectiveness.
  • Circle of control and influence:Learning the where your “edges” are and how building and 
maintaining a network of infuence can enhance your effectiveness.
  • The Freedom ladder: It is not a one size fits all approach. Your management style influences how 
the people you lead and manage behave.
  • Connecting to WHY: building a sense of purpose into your leadership.

Raymond de Villiers

Raymond de Villiers

Areas of Expertise

Talent Management (new/ senior)

Futures Scenario Planning

Gamification of business processes

Strategy formulation

Trends identification and tracking

Social Media and Network Analysis


Ray is effectively used in situations where a strategic understanding of the new world of work is required. He’s “been around the block” with leadership and management positions in a number of entrepreneurial and corporate organizations locally and internationally. He brings this to bear on his keynote presentations with relevant and engaging anecdotes drawing on this experience.

This may be related, though not limited, to understanding Generational dynamics, Generation Y / Digital Natives, Gamification of the workplace, Leadership in this changing world, and being able to translate these diverse drivers of change into relevant and realistic strategies and tactical activitiesHe’s also been a professional speaker much of his life, delivering speeches for BMW, Momentum, South African Breweries, KLM, and other multi nationals.

Keynote Topics

The Future of Money

  • Fintech, Banking, and the Digital Customer.

The next few years will see dramatic changes to the way we use money, transact, transfer value, bank and insure ourselves and our businesses. These changes are driven by Financial Technologies (FinTech), but will affect every business in the world.

Talent Redefined

  • Understand how high-performing talent adapts & functions in a changing world.

We live in a world that is changing rapidly. The things that worked in the past and made us successful may no longer work anymore.

This framework looks at six areas where high-performing talent functions in new, more effective ways – ultimately – how they distinguish themselves. Each point has simple self-test to raise personal awareness and application of the framework.

Millennials Today

  • Connecting with, leading and managing young talent in a digital world.

Generation Y (Millennials) have grown up in a world very different to that of older generations. Globalisation has shrunk the planet. Technology is endemic and everything is expected to be enabled by it. The Internet has revolutionised not only the way Millennials access information, but the way they buy and sell, the way they socialise, and even the way they meet partners (in life and business). This framework introduces the Digital Natives (Gen Y), their world, and their view of “normal”. It provides tools and insights that will assist with effective integration and understanding of this new group

Tomorrow’s World Today

  • The disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and how we should respond to the mega-forces, and what we should be doing about them.

This presentation or workshop provides a future-focused leadership toolkit, along with a compelling picture of the near future. It will inspire and inform in equal measure, and leave your team excited about the future while at the same time knowing what each of them can do to help you get there.

Grant Heale – RAIN Group

Grant Heale

Areas of Expertise

Sales Training

Sales Keynote Speaker

Master of Ceremonies

Grant Heale, a well-known speaker and entrepreneur, brings over 23 years of experience as a sales training consultant. He began his own sales and service business in 1992, working extensively in the hospitality industry as well as the education, construction, and financial sectors. His clients have included City Lodge Hotels, Legacy Hotels and resorts, and Tsogo Sun Hotel Group. He’s also been a professional speaker much of his life, delivering speeches for BMW, Momentum, South African Breweries, KLM, and other multi nationals.

Grant has bought the rights to the RAIN Group SA – a high performing sales training organization based in the States. “RAIN Group is making a big difference in the way professionals view selling across the world. I’m privileged to bring their focus to Southern Africa,” Heale said. “I chose to partner with them because they are at the forefront of sales research and understand the way today’s sales professionals learn.”

“We are excited to have Grant and his team join RAIN Group. His sales training experience and knowledge of the local culture and market will allow us to better serve our clients in the Southern Africa region,” said John Doerr, President of RAIN Group and bestselling author of Rainmaking Conversations and Insight Selling. “He’s a great addition to the team and will not only represent us well, but will help our clients improve tenfold.”
The RAIN Group offers sales training through: classroom training, webinars, online training and coaching, on the following topics:

Keynote Topics

RAIN Selling

Insight Selling

Negotiation Skills

Sales Coaching

Strategic Account Management

Sales Management

Miles Kubheka

Areas of Expertise



Food and Culture

Visionary. Leader. Trailblazer. Miles Kubheka, aka Vuyo, is a game-changing entrepreneur who empowers others to find success. The IT graduate turned successful gastronomist is the founder, owner, and believer behind the renowned Vuyo’s brand, as well as being a sought-after public speaker.

Keynote Topics


Miles has always had the desire to make a meaningful mark on the world and in 2012 he became the first person in the entire world to create a business based on a TV advert. The advert was about a character named “Vuyo” who starts off selling wors rolls from a food cart and then makes it “beeeg”. Miles innovatively trademarked the Vuyo’s brand and opened the first Vuyo’s restaurant in Braamfontein, serving fast-casual food, including gourmet-style South African staples, such as wors, potjiekos and pap. Miles expanded his enterprise to include food carts and then expanded it even further with the introduction of food trucks. He now has a restaurant on the famous Vilakazi Street, in Soweto, four food trucks, and more plans to expand and inspire.


Miles teaches would-be entrepreneurs that all that’s required to start a business is vision and a hunger to succeed. He believes Africa needs leaders committed to creating wealth for their communities and that doing good is good business.

Public Speaker

Miles connects with and inspires audiences of all ages and backgrounds and he’s proven this repeatedly during motivational talks at various events and companies, including at Sage Pastel, Discovery, and Wits Business School, among others. Miles is considered to be “one of South Africa’s best”, “an exceptional individual”, “a natural speaker”, and “truly excellent”. Miles has appeared on various talk shows and TV programs and in several publications. For a motivational talk with a difference, book Miles as a speaker at your next event.

Trailblazer for purely traditional South African food

Miles’ passion is to set in motion a South African food revolution – he wants South Africans to feel proud of their food and to be able to go out and eat “what they grew up eating”.

Miles lives in Johannesburg, where he cooks and eats good food, spends time with his adorable seven-year-old son, and stays up late plotting how best to change the world

Thabi Leoka

Thabi Leoka

Areas of Expertise

Economist locally and internationally


Thabi Leoka is an Economist at Argon Asset Management and works within the Fixed Income and the Multi-Asset teams. Thabi started her career as an Economist at Investec Asset Management in South Africa and London.

She has also worked as an Emerging Markets Economist at Barclays in London and Head of Economic Research, SA at Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking and the Chief Economist for SA at Renaissance Capital. Thabi has a PhD in Economics from the University of London, MSc in Economics and Economic History from the London School of Economics and MA (Distinction) from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Keynote Topics

Global economy

UK economy and the impact of Brexit on the SA Economy

US economy and its impact on the SA economy

 SA economic growth over the years

  • Production-side of the economy (mining, manufacturing, retail trade)
  • Expenditure-side of the economy (consumption ,investment and trade)
  • Ratings downgrade and its implication
  • Political uncertainty and the impact of the current economic environment
  • Why the rand remains strong despite are cession and junk status

Justice Malala

Areas of Expertise

Political Analyst and commentator


Local and International political advisor

Strategic Facilitator

Justice Malala is a renowned South African political commentator, newspaper columnist and best- selling author. Malala writes regular weekly columns for The Times newspaper and the Financial Mail magazine and a monthly column for DestinyMan magazine.

He is the resident political analyst for e.tv and eNews Channel Africa. He also presents a weekly political talk show (The Justice Factor on eNCA, Monday at 9:30pm). He is a political analyst at Lefika Securities in Johannesburg.

His latest book, We Have Now Begun Our Decent, reached number one on the South African beat- seller lists in late 2015/2016 and was nominated as one of the top five non-fiction books of 2015 by the Jenny Crwys-Williams Book Club. It has been in top ten list for more than seven months.

Between 2007 and September 2011 Malala was general manager of Avusa Media (now Times Media Group)’s stable of 44 magazine and, following that, general manager of the Sowetan and Sunday World newspapers.

Malala is a regular contributor to the Guardian in London and his work has been published internally in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, Forbes, Institutional Investor, The age, The Observer and the Toronto Globe and Mail. He has also contributed to BBC Online and Deutche Welle.

He has given talks and rendered political advisory to internal and local institutions such as JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Liberty, Old Mutual, Investec, Edcon, Nedbank and many others.

Malala is a judge on the country’s most prestigious investigative journalism award, the Taco Kuiper Awards for Association Award for Courageous Journalism in 1997. He was named by the New Yorker magazine of the eight most fascinating Africans of 2012 along with Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Malawian president Joyce Banda. Malala was founding editor of ThisDay, the quality, upmarket South African daily newspaper which was launched on October 7 2003 and folded a year later.

Malala was an executive producer on Hard Copy I and II, a ground-breaking television series on SABC3. Hard Copy I won the Golden Horn Award for best television series. Malala was the London Correspondent of the Sunday Times (South Africa) from 1999 to 2001. He was the newspaper’s New York correspondent from 2001 to December 2002. His Collection of satirical Financial Mail columns, Let Them Eat Cake, is also available at all good bookshops.

Keynote Topics

  • Beyond the noise – SA Politics 2015 – 2025
  • The unfolding political landscape
  • Be the message

Helen Nicholson

Helen Nicholson

Areas of Expertise

Believe in your Brand

The Power of Networking

Axonofy: Micro-learning

Linked-In Workshops

Helen Nicholson has been called “The Networking Queen” by many of her clients. She is the director of The Networking Company, specialising in teaching people to Master the art of business networking. She has recently published the business best seller: “Networking- How to get your black belt in business success”

Keynote Topics

Grow your Network. Grow your Business

  • Realise the importance of developing your own personal brand
  • Understand why Networking is the No 1 critical success skill for business people identified by 
Insead Business School
  • Gainin sight into the “Mars and Venus” of Networking
  • Learn how to“work” a room by discovering your own unique networking style
  • Design and deliver your”elevator speech”
  • Where to  go to expand your business network

Leverage LinkedIN

With close to 275 million members, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest online business networking site. No longer just a tool for job searchers, LinkedIn has become the premier social media site in online revenue generation and reputation management. Other than Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is strictly business – and has become a “secret weapon for B2B activities” such as:

  • Replacing cold calling
  • Generate sales leads
  • Finding the Decision maker

In this presentation you will learn to:

  • The secrets to optimising your profile
  • Develop a LinkedIn marketing plan
  • Best practice amongst LinkedIn leaders
  • Why your profile is NOT your CV

Brand (ME) Pty Ltd

Discover how professionals can move beyond their technical expertise to become powerful personal brands, thought leaders and expert relationship builders. It is a given that professionals are technically competent. In the current competitive professional services environment, successful individuals need to stand out. The key to becoming a thought leader is through cultivating networks and building relationships with both colleagues and clients.

  • Identify your stengths as a key factor in building a powerful personal brand
  • What is your“coffee stain” that could potentially beholding your brand back?
  • How do you maximise all your Personal Branding touch points eg. email, meetings, presentations 
and functions.
  • Learn the secrets of how introverts network
  • Design and deliver your “elevator speech”

Sameer Rawjee


Areas of Expertise

Design thinking principles and systems thinking

Talent hiring and retention for the new world of work

The future design of education

Sameer built his first edtech company in university. It was an online tutoring service which was later bought by a Mark Zuckerburg backed institution. He furthered his studies in Toronto and then went off to work for Google at Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarters in Dublin where he initially worked in digital marketing.

Sameer went on to found the Life Design School which is used by Google employees in more than 50 countries. Over 10 000 Googlers joined in the past six months. He’s now the MD of O School, where he helps companies like Soundcloud and Facebook, design their organisations for the Future of Work.

Keynote Topics

Design Thinking Principles…
around organisation design, systems design and people development
Talent Hiring, Engagement and Retainment…
for the next workforce and the future of work
The Future of Education…
and how to prepare your workforce
Turning your Company into a School
Why it matters for the next decade

Zipho Sikhakhane

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy: diagnosic, design and implimentation

Change Movement: top-team alignment, culture diagnostic, design and roll-out

customer centricity: customer strategy, segmentation change movement

Retail: RFID technology, store operations and optimisation

Communications: presentation and public speaking, inspirationsal leadership

Zipho Sikhakhane is an international speaker, writer and business advisor. She has been a motivational speaker for 15 years and has presented to audiences across four continents, including TEDx Talk delivered in the USA on Africa’s business potential. She is also a weekly Business Columnist for the Sunday Times and is the first black South African to complete an MBA at the prestigious Stanford University in the USA. She delivers inspiring talks and poetry on topics related to Africa’s potential, leadership, entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment.

In 2016, she received the Outstanding Young Achiever Award from the UNESCO Center for Global Education and the Independent Pan- African Youth Parliament. Zipho’s professional background includes developing strategies for large public and private sector clients as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co (the leading management consulting firm globally).

She also held project management and change management positions for the industry leading retailers – Edcon in South Africa (the biggest clothing retailer in Sub-Saharan Africa)and Inditex in Spain (the parent company of Zara and the biggest fashion retailer globally). In 10 years, she has travelled to 30 countries and worked in 10 of them. Currently she is an Executive at a new venture that is acquiring the scaling businesses in the food sector. She also provides advisory and investment support to small businesses and entrepreneurs across Africa.

Keynote Topics

Leadership Begins with YOU

Individuals need to learn how to lead themselves first, before they can effectively lead others. Emerging from humble beginnings, Zipho beat the odds to achieve outstanding academic success and hold leadership positions in leading corporations locally and globally. She shares insights on the leadership techniques that enabled her to become an exceptional leader.

Leading Africa to Prosperity

The African continent presents immeasurable growth opportunities for local and multi-national corporations. The leaders that will succeed in making the most of these opportunities are ones that understand the importance of having a long term vision and adapting their leadership approaches to the demands of the local context. Zipho has presented inspiring talks across four continents on the progress and potential of African economies – including a TEDx talk delivered in the United States.

Entrepreneurship – Building the Giants of Tomorrow

Zipho is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build businesses that will last and achieve scalable growth. Having been an entrepreneur throughout her youth, since as early as the age of five years old, she shares her perspectives on some of the pitfalls that prevent small business owners from taking their businesses to the next level. She also shares the latest trends and insights on entrepreneurship in the local context – based on research done for the weekly business columns written in the Sunday Times on this topic.

Inspirational Poetry

Zipho has been writing and presenting poetry for many years. She can deliver engaging poetry recitals on a variety of topics.

Daniel Silke

Areas of Expertise

Political Analyst



Daniel Silke is an Independent Political Analyst, Author and Keynote Speaker specialising in South African and International politics. He has a specialist interest in political parties and elections and is a renowned Futurist lecturing widely on issues surrounding global change, volatility and the future of the world. He is regarded within South Africa as one of that country’s leading political commentators and most passionate public speakers.

Keynote Topics

South Africa 2018: Uncharted Water

Leadership weakness, economic stagnation and political upheavals all together create substantial uncertainty. In this flagship keynote, Daniel Silke combines economic and political trends to put into context the turbulent times in which the country operates. Silke is one of the few analysts to provide a comprehensive economic update and link this with political change as well as the prevailing intrigue within the governing ANC.

South Africa: Consolidation Or Unravelling

In this new keynote presentation, Daniel Silke delves deep into the political and economic divisions within the ANC in a year in which the deep factionalism of recent times and leadership succession threaten to disrupt its performance. Who are the contenders for power and what will they mean for policy-making and delivery in the future? Will South Africa succeed in future or will it unravel? That’s the core issue of this dramatic, yet essential new presentation.

Global Reality 2018 & Beyond: The World, Africa & South Africa

South Africa faces considerable domestic challenges – but clearly, we do live in a global village and events in the broader African and international environment have substantial impact on our economic performance. In this comprehensive new keynote, Daniel Silke sets the scene for discussing South Africa’s economy and political performance by first looking at the essential dynamics and disruptions facing the global economy and Sub-Saharan Africa. This keynote discusses South Africa’s domestic political economy and its current performance but also provides a very global overview of the key trends beyond our borders. This is a critical scene-setter for any conference looking for a more macro overview of where the world is at right now followed by a discussion on South Africa.

Kim van Kets

Kim van Ketz

Areas of Expertise


Labour Law Training

Legacy Leadership training

Product Liability Training

Kim grew up in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape, studied law at Stellenbosch University, was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of RSA and spent many years in legal practice and the corporate world. She is currently self-employed as a legal consultant/ corporate trainer, freelance writer, published author and inspirational business speaker.

After doing all the usual ultras like Comrades and 2 Oceans, she discovered trail running and became addicted to the solitude and beauty of the sport. Since then she has taken part in numerous multi day ultra distance trail and Adventure races all over the world and won some of them. She is best known for her “Tri the Beloved Country” Expedition which involved a self powered 6 772 km circumnavigation of South Africa on foot, bike and kayak in 148 days.

Despite opportunities to have married a sensible person she is happily married to Adventurer, Peter van Kets (2x Atlantic Rower and one of the few South Africans to have trekked to the South Pole). She is also mother to Hannah and a Staffy puppy, Basil.
Her 60 minute keynote presentations, place emphasis on the following:

Keynote Topics

  • Focusing on the positive
  • Translating the dream into a goal
  • Developing discipline and routine in the good times
  • The power of reward
  • Learning to give and receive help
  • Not being immobilized by the enormity of the goal
The value of being target driven
  • Finding creative alternatives when resources we rely upon disappear
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Taking care of the important things before they present a crisis
  • The value of collaboration

Van Ketz Consulting

Kim has a BA LLB Degree from Stellenbosch University, and was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of RSA after doing her articles and passing her Board exams. She then spent a number of years in legal practice and in the corporate world.She is currently self-employed as a legal consultant/ corporate trainer, freelance writer, published author and inspirational speaker.

Peter Van Kets

Peter van Getz

Areas of Expertise





Peter is a professional adventurer, highly sought after international business inspirational and keynote speaker. He has become globally known as a specialist around business’ ability to persevere in a dynamic and turbulent economy. He has worked with major corporations across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

He takes the lessons learned from his expeditions and relates them to the business environment. His expedition stories are of survival, courage, perseverance, passion, loneliness, tenacity, amazing team work and the will to win. Peters presentations take people on powerful life- altering journeys, changing the way they think about themselves and their businesses.

Keynote Topics


“Every venture in life is going to demand clear vision, dynamic strategy, precise planning and preparation, absolute honesty and integrity, uprightness of character and self discipline, but above all it will take perseverance, nyamazela, GRIT. If we put the right processes in place, we persevere and never give up on our vision, we absolutely will not fail.”

Connecting the Dots

“We conduct our personal and business ventures in a turbulent and dynamic world. To achieve and sustain real success, accomplish significant goals and fulfil our purpose we must connect and balance all the important DOTS. This will allow us to operate at maximum personal and professional efficiency.”

The Power of Team!

This inspirational presentation focuses on lessons learned from the 5438km unsupported SoloAtlantic Rowing Race.
Target audience: Inspirational – Teams, sales conferences, Leadership programs and more

• Vision

• What is your story

• Powerful individuals

• Dynamic collaboration

• Surrounding yourself with the best possible team

• Vision, passion and principle centered teams

• Setting clear and achievable goals

• Making the move from external discipline to self-discipline.

• The power of positive attitude

• Knowing that with the right resources, there is a solution to every problem!

• Communication

• Being properly prepared

• Execution – Not being paralysed by the fear of failure

• Being decisive

• Innovation – always look for areas to improve upon

• Understand the benefit of helping others succeed

Ian von Memerty

Areas of Expertise


Master of Ceremonies

Ian von Memerty has been labeled the “the complete all round entertainer”. He is gifted as a comedian, pianist, singer, dancer – but it is how he uses those talents that makes him unique. His experience and delight in connecting with an audience means that his ability to lead an evening is almost unparalleled.

Highlights from his show include “the Supersonic History of South Africa in 17 minutes” ; The Great Audition “everything from Opera to Gospel to Rap” ; and “The SA political GPS”.

“The success of any function is understanding the audience and making sure I give them permission to truly enjoy themselves. And the combination of laughter and music is very special. Because most audiences now are very mixed – with big differences culturally and age wise – I always aim to turn several groups into one happy and delighted crowd.”

Whether knocking out side-splitting jokes (without swearing and blasphemy) ; or thrilling audiences with his dynamic pianistic skill ; or sending his voice soaring through an evergreen song – Ian is indeed “Captain Entertainment”.

Oscar von Memerty

Oscar von Memerty

Areas of Expertise


Self Development


Hip Hop

Disadvantage to Advantage

Oscar was born with a rare fatal genetic illness, MPS 6. At 20 years old he stands just 117 cms tall, has aluminium screws in his left leg, recently had a two cornea transplant, and has survived two bone marrow transplants and a ten minute cardiac arrest. Despite all of this he has discovered a thrilling talent for hip hop and developed a powerful and unique style of motivational speaking and stand-up comedy. His message of overcoming huge obstacles and turning adversity into triumph is guaranteed to not only inspire your audience, but because of his talent, humour and charm, will also truly entertain and empower them.
Inspirational Empowering Entertainment!

Disadvantage to Advantage

Oscar was born with a rare fatal genetic illness, MPS 6. At 20 years old he stands just 117 cms tall, has aluminium screws in his left leg, recently had a two cornea transplant, and has survived two bone marrow transplants and a ten minute cardiac arrest. Despite all of this he has discovered a thrilling talent for hip hop and developed a powerful and unique style of motivational speaking and stand-up comedy. His message of overcoming huge obstacles and turning adversity into triumph is guaranteed to not only inspire your audience, but because of his talent, humour and charm, will also truly entertain and empower them.
Inspirational Empowering Entertainment!

Keynote Topics

Two minute intro by Sir Twyz; Oscars best friend and Mc.

Ten Minute Motivational speech by Oscar. 
The speech will consist of his life story, the obstacles he has faced and conquered, the achievements he has achieved since and the key lessons he has learnt so far that can empower young peoples minds and give a new perspective of bigger picture thinking.

Two and a half minute high energy Hip Hop/ Kasi style dance done by Oscar and his team. 

End off with Q and A where the audience can ask any questions that they may have.

Oscars key take home messages include:

  • All obstacles can and will be over come if a person plans well and is persistent.
  • Vision and Action is key to achieving what a person wants in life
  • Sometimes your biggest Disadvantage is your biggest Advantage
  • Work on your natural skills and combine learned skills to succeed

Buhle Dlamini


Areas of Expertise

Diversity and Transformation

Creating a Winning Culture

Future Trends

Buhle is an award-winning entrepreneur and South African speaker based in Canada and South Africa. As a member of the Tomorrow Today Global team he brings a wealth of international experience and expertise having consulted in dozens of countries and speaking audiences worldwide.

Buhle has met and worked with leaders such as former SA president Nelson Mandela as well as received an award from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for Nation Building. Buhle is an author of six books.

• Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author and Entrepreneur
• Focus on Organisational Culture and Expert in Cultural Intelligence and Leveraging Diversity
• Buhle holds a certificate in Fundamentals of Strategy from Harvard University
• Associate with the Cultural Intelligence Centre in Michigan

Delivery Method

1. Personal, entertaining, laced with humour, story-telling and engaging multimedia experience
2. Practical Application
helping clients find ways to implement learnings in real life situations
3. Impact on business outcomes

Brett St Clair

Areas of Expertise

Keynote Speaker


Digital Expert

Brett has over 20 years of experience in the global digital landscape. Brett has over 10 years of Silicon Valley experience where he worked to build African successes at Admob (world’s largest Mobile Advertising Network), Android, Youtube, Google and Google’s Cloud Computing across Africa where he mastered the secrets of Silicon Valley. Brett StClair is passionate about Power of Scale and how businesses can use Digital Technology to build businesses that want exponential growth.

Keynote Topics

1. Digital is the Path to Innovation

Key is to understand where the Digital disruption is coming from, what key technology trends are causing this exponential disruption. To compete you need to understand what these organisation look like and how they operate, with Brett’s 10 years of experience working in Silicon valley businesses across Africa he shares this key insight. Finally the only way to remain relevant to your customers ever changing needs you need to begin to innovate, in the final step Brett suggests some new ways of working that need focus during your digital transformation journey. Brett’s insight after rebuilding Barclays Africa’s Digital business means he has real life examples of what goes tight and more importantly what has failed

2. The Power of Scale

How to unlock Scale across your organisation, Scale is not about the size of a market or number of servers and staff, it is really about doing far more with far less. The only way to build a business that can grow exponentially is to reorganize for scale. Organising your business to be able to deliver far more Marketing@Scale , HR@Scale, Operations@Scale, Finance@Scale, etc. to meet the demand of the new economies. This Keynote will help you build a business that can grow exponentially, ie double every 18 months

3. The Era of IOT is really about Selfies

The world of Digital used to be the domain of Silicon Valley, now with over 50 billion Devices planned to be connected by 2020 this means the opportunity of a Massive Connected and interoperable world exists for every business across the globe. It is now about leveraging technologies like Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to build Internet of Things Platforms to create Delightful Customer Experiences

Devi Sankaree Govender

Areas of Expertise


Keynote Speaker

Devi, an award-winning investigative journalist with MNET’s Carte Blanche, is a sought-after MC/Keynote speaker for corporate events which include awards ceremonies, conferences and panel discussions. Devi has a special interest in finance, which together with an MBA ensures she will be an asset to your event. Some of her clients include: Microsoft, IBM, Telesure, Sanlam, Nedbank, Old Mutual, Barloworld Logistics, Bristol Myers Squibb and Novartis.

Keynote Topics

1. The Day I Chose Me

Four years ago Devi received the news that she was pre-hypertensive. Hardly surprising when this award-winning investigative television journalist also doubled up as a wife and mother to two young children. The news set in motion a series of events …. false starts and stops……an unexpected meeting with Huffington Post founder, Ariana Huffington …. And it all culminated in a blog which went viral – much to Devi’s surprise. In this hilarious, yet touching talk, Devi talks about her constant fight with finding “balance” and how she has learnt to finally put herself on top of her list while chasing crooks on TV. This 45 minute talk with a 15 minute Q and A session is suitable for a mixed-gender audience and includes tips on how to stay sane, brilliant and dazzling, in a world which doesn’t stop to breathe.

2. How to catch a crook …. in heels!

Devi is an award-winning investigative journalist who has spent the past 25 years in the media. For the past 16 years, Devi, an MBA graduate, has focussed her efforts at Carte Blanche, South Africa’s leading current affairs television programme, gaining a reputation for being fearless (despite beingin numerous life-threatening situations) in exposing corruption wherever it may exist. In this hilarious, yet motivational talk focuses on Devi’s early life in KZN, and a behind-the-scenes look at her work on Carte Blanche. 45 minutes. 15 minute Q and A.

Nerushka Bowan

Areas of Expertise

Emerging Technology Law

Legal Tech & Innovation

Keynote Speaker


Nerushka is an emerging technology law specialist, legal technology innovator and speaker. She is a consultant trainer at the Blockchain Academy and a co-chair of the Johannesburg chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (the largest association of privacy professionals in the world). She was recently listed on
CryptoCoin.News as one of 20 African women to watch in Blockchain and Crypto. She has a background as a technology & privacy lawyer for an international law firm and has worked on data privacy matters for both local and international clients. Nerushka has work experience in both London and Melbourne.

Her business development experience includes managing a client portfolio in the technology & innovation sector, rolling out campaigns on tech-related topics and creating thought leadership publications. She is also involved in the development of innovative legal technology products and awareness and upskilling of lawyers about the future of law, and advises legal tech startups. Emerging technology is an evolving concept and currently includes artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology and quantum computing. Nerushka uses her unique experience and forward looking mindset to identify future risks and ask the legal and ethical questions brought about by emerging technology and packages these topics into stimulating and thought-provoking workshops and presentations.

She regularly speaks to corporates and at events, publishes blogs and articles, and is regularly interviewed and quoted in media on various technology-related topics. During September 2017, she was invited to speak at a large tech conference, PluralsightLIVE, in Salt Lake City, USA. Her clients include the South African Reserve Bank, Standard Bank, FirstRand, ITWeb, DLA Piper, Synthesis Technologies and the Blockchain Academy.

Keynote Topics

1. Every business is a digital business
2. Breaking down blockchain
3. Artificial intelligence: the robots are coming
4. Hackers gonna hack

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